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Cultivating Long-term Client Relationships

April 15, 2014

"Value Boxes Show Product Quality And Worth" by Stuart MilesBuilding strong client relationships occurs through the delivery of value throughout the year, not just at renewal time.  Delivering value means that you provide diagnostic solutions and excellent customer service by effectively using personalized, individual account information.

By learning more about each client, you can customize your communications to your customers and deliver greater value.

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10 Phrases Killing Your Customer’s Experience

April 8, 2014

"3d Group Of Customer Service Related Words" by David Castillo DominiciWhat is a Gomo?  What is a D-Grunt?

Sam Parker of reminded me via a blog the other day about the issue of engagement.  This was a timely piece as I have been working on a customer experience project with a new client.

For the purpose of this article, I would like to describe a customer as both fellow associates (internal customers) as well as clients, prospects, centers of influence, and our professional and personal networks (external customers).

But let’s start off with the basic question of: What is engagement?

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Take Advantage of Native Advertising as a B2B

April 1, 2014

advertiseI was doing some research for my forthcoming book, Pivotal Conversations, and I stumbled upon something I believed to be an article resulting from my search.  After clicking on the “Read More!” link, I was immediately connected to a sales company’s website promoting their newest offering.

What happened to me?  Native advertising happened.  Native advertising is making a big splash.  According to a study by IPG, buyers’ eyes are drawn to native advertisements 52% more than banner ads, and the ratio of native ads noticed to banner ads was 4 to 1!  Those are some pretty rosy numbers there.

This reality and my experience got me thinking:  what are the good ways and bad ways to go about engaging in native advertising?   Because I’ll be honest, I felt a little “taken” by the sales company — something about the whole experience seemed dishonest to me.  Specifically, what does great B2B native advertising look like?  How do we — as B2Bs — jump in on the action to the benefit of our potential customers?

But first, a definition: Read more…

The Risk Revolution presents Craig Menne

March 25, 2014

Craig Menne is part of General Insurance Services located in Michigan City, Indiana, and is a proud member of the Beyond Insurance Global Network.  In the video below, Craig explains how what the Risk Revolution is doing for the insurance industry, the IPhone did for the telecommunications industry.

For more ideas on how to break the commodity trap connect with Beyond Insurance on:

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It’s Never Too Late to Achieve Your Goals

March 18, 2014

It’s February –too late to set goals for the year, right?  Wrong!

Canadian Jaring Timmerman started swimming at age 79 and swam 50 meters twice a week to train.  On Jan. 25, 2014, he set a new world record as a Masters swimmer – at the age of 104!

When doctors told him to stop because he had torn ligaments in his shoulder, he just changed his stroke and kept going. Read more…

What’s your passion index?

March 11, 2014

CheeringPassion is a key differentiator for insurance agents and brokers.  It comes from a love of business and belief in one’s unique process and package.

Ask yourself the following three questions to discover your passion index:

  1. How long has it been since I could not sleep because I was so excited about a new business system, strategy or tool?
  2. Do you find yourself getting excited when you share your unique “business model?”
  3. Is your energy contagious?

If you answered yes to all three questions, you have a high Passion Index.  Congratulations!  If not, do not despair.  While there is no magic pill for passion, it can be drawn out of you with a clear understanding of, and appreciation for, your business purpose.

“What makes it possible for people who might seem ordinary to achieve great things?”  The answer is passion!

But what exactly describes passion in the business world? Read more…

Three strategies to escape the Commodity, Perception and Anxiety Traps

March 4, 2014

I frequently tell a story from the classic book and film, The Great Escape.  The moral of the story is that agents and brokers need to muster the courage to break away from three traps — the Commodity, Perception, and Anxiety Traps.

Beyond Insurance suggests the following three strategies to escape the Commodity, Perception, and Anxiety Traps: Read more…


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