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Your Leap to Greatness

February 27, 2013

Your leap to greatness will begin when you answer “yes” to the following three questions:

  1. Is my performance memorable in the eyes of clients, prospects, carriers and staff?
  2. Does my current style of delivering products and services give me a competitive edge?
  3. Do my techniques create raving fans?

Is Your Performance Memorable?

It has been over 40 years since I last saw Dick Fosbury perform the Fosbury Flop.  Yet, his remarkable jumps are still fresh in my mind.  Why?  Because his technique and style were radically different than those who came before him.  He was memorable.

I suggest that you and members of your Team analyze each component piece of your client, prospect and carrier delivery system.  Are your strategies unique?  Are they memorable?  If not, you are caught in the “Commodity Trap”.  The Commodity Trap results when the consumer believes there is little or no distinguishable difference between the products, services and resources delivered  by you and your competitors.  When the marketplace sees little or no difference, price becomes the differentiator.

Does Your Style Give You a Competitive Advantage?


A competitive edge exists when the client, prospect and carrier is able to distinguish you from others in the marketplace.  I strongly suggest that your competitive advantage starts with the development of a process focused on the identification of the exposures facing your customer.  If you do not understand the issues facing your customer, your leap to greatness will never take place.

Does Your Technique Create Raving Fans?


A raving fan is one who loves your performance.  These adoring people are able to differentiate your techniques from those of your competitors.  They are the reason you go to work each day.  They are the reason for your professional existence!

In the book Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles, they state that we must “create a vision of perfection centered on the customer”.  Your leap to greatness will be found when you understand the customer’s vision.  The Fosbury Flop gave Dick Fosbury a competitive advantage.  It put him at the top of his game.  It won an Olympic medal for the United States.  It revolutionized a sport.

Please consider adopting the Fosbury Flop for your business.  The results will be amazing.  It will represent your Leap to Greatness!

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Scott AddisThe author, Scott Addis is the President and CEO of The Addis Group and Addis Intellectual Capital, LLC (AIC). AIC is a coaching and consulting company whose purpose is to transform the process that insurance agents, brokers and carriers use when working with clients. Scott is recognized as an industry leader having been awarded the Inc. Magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award as well as “25 Most Innovative Agents in America”. Scott can be reached or 610-945-1019.

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