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The SMART Plan for Effective Goal Setting

April 23, 2013

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Have you used the SMART plan for effective goal setting?

S stands for Specific.  M is for measurable.  A stands for achievable.  R for realistic.  T for time bound.

The SMART Plan for Effective Goal Setting:

beyond insuranceStep 1 – List your goals A to Z The Art of Goal Setting begins with writing your personal and professional goals from A to Z.  Don’t hold back.  Write down whatever comes to your mind. You may wish to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is my purpose and mission in life?
  2. How do I want to focus my time and energy?
  3. What are my developmental needs at this point in my life?
  4. What does my ideal lifestyle look like?

Step 2 – Prioritizing your goals.  After you have gone through the A to Z exercise, list your goals on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being most significant to you at this point in time, and 1 meaning it is not a priority right now.  Here are a few questions that should help you prioritize your goals:

  1. Which goal(s) will give me the most energy?
  2. Which goal(s) am I most committed to?
  3. What goal(s) offers the most value to me?
  4. What goals are fully within my control?
  5. In five years, how important will this goal be to me?

Step 3 – Setting your execution strategy and achievement time-frame By prioritizing your goals, you have set the stage for an execution strategy through which you are able to define the following plans:

  • Lifetime plan
  • Five year plan
  • One year plan
  • 90 day plan
  • Weekly plan

As I look at my career, the Weekly Plan is an essential key to my success.  I have made it a habit to come to work each week with a Plan to accomplish specific objectives that support my 90 day and one year plans as well as my “big picture” future vision.

beyond insuranceStep 4 – Visualization – Mental imagery is essential to goal setting.  Your ability to see yourself at the point of goal actualization is a key component to successful goal setting.  Goal setting breaks down unless you have great clarity about your vision.

Step 5 – Goal Actualization  When you achieve a goal, take time to enjoy the satisfaction of what you have accomplished.  Celebrate the moment and absorb the implications of the goal as it relates to your future self.  If your goal is a significant one, reward yourself appropriately.

The SMART plan for effective goal setting may be one of your most important life skills.  Good luck and have fun!

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Scott AddisThe author, Scott Addis is the President and CEO of The Addis Group and Addis Intellectual Capital, LLC (AIC). AIC is a coaching and consulting company whose purpose is to transform the process that insurance agents, brokers and carriers use when working with clients. Scott is recognized as an industry leader having been awarded the Inc. Magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award as well as “25 Most Innovative Agents in America”. Scott can be reached or 610-945-1019.

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