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5 Key Elements to Successful Non-Verbal Communications

June 18, 2013

Below you will discover the 5 key elements to successful non-verbal communication.

Not only is it important for you to be aware of your own body language, but equally important to understand what body language means so that you may effectively access and react to others.

This is particularly helpful for producers and account managers who interact frequently with customers.

5 Key Elements to Successful Non-Verbal Communication:

1. Eye Contact

Eye contact indicates interest, attention and involvement.  Research indicates that people rely on visual clues to help them decide on whether to attend to a message or not. It is essential that you engage every member of the audience by looking at them.

2. Gestures

A gesture is a non facial body movement intended to express meaning.  Gestures may be articulated with hands, arms or body, and also include movements of the head, face and eyes such as winking, nodding or rolling your eyes.

In the business setting, consumers rely heavily upon your face and hands to draw conclusions about the passion and conviction you have toward your products and services.

3. Posture

Your posture tells a powerful, non verbal story.  Positive body posture transmits a message of authority, confidence, trust and power. Studies indicate that a person who displays a forward lean or a decrease in backwards lean signifies positive sentiment during communication.

4. Smile and Laughter

People who laugh and smile, even when they don’t feel especially happy, make their brain’s left hemisphere surge with electrical activity.  When you laugh, every organ in your body is affected in a positive way.  As with smiling, when laughter is incorporated as a permanent part of who you are, it attracts friends, improves health and extends life.

5. The Power of the Touch

The power of the touch, whether it be your handshake, touch on the elbow, a high five or pat on the back demonstrates positive impact.

Understanding of the importance of eye contact, gesture, posture, touch, smile and laughter will allow you to enhance your level of communication. 

Do you think there is a stronger form of non-verbal communications?  We would love to hear about it!

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Scott AddisThe author, Scott Addis is the President and CEO of The Addis Group and Addis Intellectual Capital, LLC (AIC). AIC is a coaching and consulting company whose purpose is to transform the process that insurance agents, brokers and carriers use when working with clients. Scott is recognized as an industry leader having been awarded the Inc. Magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award as well as “25 Most Innovative Agents in America”. Scott can be reached or 610-945-1019.

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  1. Bob Hand permalink
    June 20, 2013 10:41 am

    We have discussed this before and it may sound trivial. In a business setting with men, the tie knot and collar area are almost always the first things noticed. Too many men wear a tie just to be wearing a tie. Take pride- you control the tie and collar and not the other way around. Many executives (especially from the old school) will look at your shoes. Regardless of the style, they should be polished and in good repair. These are certainly first impression, non verbal cues.

  2. June 22, 2013 9:50 pm

    Hi Scott, As an investigators, getting people to cooperate with me is vital to my success in gathering information. In the field. But as a former salesman I lear end some interesting techniques that I still employ and would be use full. One of them is a technique called mirroring. Let’say I’m talking with two people, one of them likes me and I can tell via posture and attitude that the other doesn’t. Well unless I can get the interest and approval of both , now matter how much I try I’m probably going to fail. So I look at the body posture, gestures and expressions of the individual that likes me and mimick that person. If she or he is sitting in a certain postion, so will I. Eventually the indidual that didn’t warm up to me will. I know when I scratch my ear, or rub .y nose and both individual do the same that we’re on the same page. I have actually seen an individual slide his chair 5 or 10 feet across the room to a desk in order mimick me leaning on my elbow . It’s really amazing to see it happen, just try it! You will be amazed to see it works. And that’s the time to Another interesting technique is to sit or stand;as close as possible to someone that hasn’t warmed up to you even invade their space, if they
    let you. The idea is that people only get physically close to someone they like. Eventually their attitude towards you will change from negative to positive.


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