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SNAP…4 Strategies to Differentiate Yourself

November 18, 2014

SNAPThe book, Snap Selling by Jill Konrath, talks about winning business from highly “frazzled” and busy consumers.  Her definition of frazzled is a consumer who feels overwhelmed with a complex sale… leading him or her to disengage and shut down.

As a consumer, have you ever felt frazzled?  If so, what did you do?  Where did you turn? 

In Konrath’s analysis of the actions of frazzled buyers’, she states that they often turn away from the well-intended salesperson and move toward the internet.

To the average consumer, insurance, risk management, HR, and compliance are complex.  Where does this leave you?  Do you often feel tuned out?  Or are you able to unfrazzle the consumer in a way which builds credibility and confidence…leading to Trusted Risk Advisor™ status?

Konrath states, “Salespeople need to develop a rich depth of expertise, so that they can work with clients as a valuable resource themselves.  And so they become the differentiator.”  In her research, Konrath discovered four SNAP strategies that you can use to differentiate yourself with frazzled prospects:

  1. Keep it Simple Make it easy for your clients to work with you.  Rather than focusing on the complexities of your product or services, make it easy.  Talk about their business, goals, and aspirations as well as what keeps them awake at night.
  2. Be iNvaluable Develop a deep, personal relationship that extends well beyond the 90-day bidding cycle.
  3. Always be Aligned Make sure you, your products, services, and resources are relevant to your clients.
  4. Set Priorities Your priority is building a deep, sustaining relationship with your client — not the next sale.

What opportunities do you have to differentiate yourself with frazzled prospects?

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