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12 Strategies for Building Your Personal Brand

January 4, 2019

Editor’s note: Earlier, we looked closely at Michael Jordan and the personal brand he was able to create for himself. In the second part of this series, we look at 12 strategies that you can utilize to build and grow brand YOU!

12 Strategies to Build Your Personal Brand

  1. Discover your natural strengths and unique abilities. You will gain enhanced success as you focus on your God-given talents as well as those activities that give you energy and enthusiasm.
  2. Emotionally engage the customer. Research substantiates that more than 50% of the customer experience is subconscious, or how the customer feels. Emotional engagement is the foundation of the customer experience journey.
  3. Create a positive first impression. An “impression” is a strong effect produced on one’s intellect, feelings or conscience. As your first impression is lasting, it is critical that you make it a good one.
  4. Deliver a unique message. Your brand requires a value proposition which is clear, concise and compelling. Your message must summarize why the potential customer should buy your products or services and how they exceed that of your competition.
  5. Live servant leadership. A strong personal brand is achieved through a selfless approach to leadership… one that places serving others including customers, community and country as priority number one.
  6. Be process, not product driven. Today’s consumers have come to expect you to sell them products. Your brand will be enhanced when you lead with a process, not product-oriented approach. Process is best defined as a series of actions or steps to achieve a particular end.
  7. Invest in relational capital. Your ability to invest in the qualities of credibility, integrity and authenticity will elevate your brand and help you to build deeper relationships.
  8. Teach the customer something they don’t know. Today’s customers are demanding more depth and expertise from insurance and risk management professionals. Your brand will take off when you bring new ideas and find innovative ways to help their family and/or business.
  9. Know your ideal client. Professionals with the strongest personal brands have laser focus on their ideal client. And they are recognized for their expertise in an industry and/or product line.
  10. Statement of purpose. In crafting the purpose of your professional existence, you will gain clarity and confidence about your personal brand. When you map out your principles and point of view, you are hard to replicate.
  11. Become a story teller. Storytelling is the art of using language, visualization and/or physical movement and gestures to reveal the elements and images to a specific audience. Storytelling enhances brand awareness, trust, communication and differentiation.
  12. Social media strategy. It is essential that you discover your customers’ preferred online communication channels. Use social media to its fullest to demonstrate the unique and authentic you.

Although the brand of Michael Jordan may seem far reaching, there are many lessons that can be learned and applied to your career. Your personal brand… own it!

About the Author

Scott Addis, CPCU, CRA, CBWA is the CEO of Beyond Insurance and is recognized as an industry leader having been named a Philadelphia finalist for Inc. Magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” award as well as one of the “25 Most Innovative Agents in America.” Beyond Insurance is a consulting firm that offers leadership training, cultural transformation, and talent and tactical development for enlightened professionals who are looking to take their practice to the next level.  Since 2007, the proven and repeatable processes of Beyond Insurance have transformed individuals and organizations as measured by enhanced organic growth, productivity, profitability, and value in the marketplace.

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