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8 Reasons to Develop Good Questioning Skills

March 3, 2015

“Target Business Network Concept” by ddpavumbaSam, a new producer, was getting plenty of at-bats but struggling to secure business.  He had been taught to gather just enough data to obtain competitive bids, but had not been schooled on how to ask good, open-ended questions with the goal of establishing credibility and confidence with the prospect. Read more…

Being a Nitpicker Can Limit Your Growth!

February 24, 2015

“Job Rotation Concept” by Vichaya Kiatying-AngsuleeAgents and brokers who have attended Beyond Insurance workshops fall into one of two categories:

  1. Nitpickers.  They feel that nitpicking equates to success.  They are so preoccupied with insignificant details, they miss the chance to grow.  In other words, they get in their own way and become stuck in the attempt to reach some elusive version of flawlessness.
  2. Growth-oriented. They believe that continuously learning new things brings success.  They take action and move forward, viewing life as a journey that is not measured inch by inch.

Read more…

Cyber Insurance Is Well-Positioned for Rapid Growth

February 17, 2015

“Database Security Concept” by David Castillo Dominici“Cyber insurance was first developed in 1997 in response to the business community’s growing adoption of the Internet as a tool for commerce, said  Steve Haase, CEO of INSUREtrust.  “As technology has continued to evolve, so too have the risks…Cyber liability has emerged as a major issue in risk management.”  Yet, cyber insurance has not been fully embraced by commercial clients. Read more…

How to compete with Google Compare insurance

February 10, 2015

“Tug Of War 3d Characters Shows Conflict And Adversity” by Stuart MilesSearch engine giant, Google, is planning to launch an auto insurance comparison shopping site in the U.S. in Q1 2015, according to Forrester Research analyst, Ellen Carney.  Google also appears to be acquiring CoverHound, a San Francisco-based auto insurance site.

The original Google Compare site debuted in the UK in 2012, offering auto and travel insurance as well as mortgage quotes.  Carney speculates that Google intends to displace existing middlemen – personal lines agents. Read more…

The Power of Walking Away

January 27, 2015

ID-100221465My experience indicates that far too few producers have the courage to walk away from prospects.  As a result, they end up working on “unqualified” opportunities for extended periods of time only to have the deals fall apart.  To avoid this trap, you must set the rules of the game through a prospect criteria filter.  If you let the prospective client and incumbent agent or broker control the rules, you’re going to lose! Read more…

Five Quick Steps Fill Your Customer Pipeline

January 20, 2015

ID-10071154As I travel across the country meeting with agents and brokers, the number one question is, “How do I fill my prospect pipeline with qualified opportunities?”  Try these five quick steps for the New Year: Read more…

Seven Ways to Add Value and Retain 100% of Your Clients

January 16, 2015

ID-10066959Is one of your 2015 goals to retain 100% of your clients?  Keeping your existing clients loyal and your new clients happy is a critical component for your continued growth and prosperity.

Below are seven very simple ways to create value with the goal of 100% retention: Read more…


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