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The Four Beliefs of a Successful Producer

April 21, 2015

advertiseIf you are a reluctant prospector and prefer not to ask for referrals, perhaps it’s time to review the psychology of successful producers – the agency rainmakers.  They all share the following rock-solid beliefs:

  1. Belief that there is great success to be had in the insurance industry,
  2. Belief and confidence in the carriers they work with,
  3. Belief in the agency they work for,
  4. Belief in the products, services, resources, and solutions they offer.

Read more…

Told Any Good Stories Lately?

April 14, 2015

beyond insuranceTitanic.  The Great Escape.  Schlindler’s List.  Ray.  The Pursuit of Happyness.

What do these blockbuster movies have in common?  They are all based on a true story.

In a world filled with sound bites, ads, 140-character tweets, we seem to forget the power of storytelling.  Yet, when we tap into storytelling, we become irresistible!  Read more…

3 Common Prospecting Problems and Solutions

April 7, 2015

DifferentiationKaren, the sales manager for a medium-size agency, recently said, “My producers are very nice.  But they’re experiencing a significant failure rate.  What should I do?”

Beyond Insurance analyzed Karen’s situation, and offered the following observations: Read more…

Turning Objection Anxiety into Opportunity

March 31, 2015

man runningWhen you hear an “objection,” do you immediately assume “rejection?”  Do you tend to believe that when a prospect asks challenging questions or expresses concerns, you have failed to hit the mark?

What an objection usually means is that your prospect needs more information and has a high degree of interest in your products, services, and solutions.  Rather than abandoning the prospect when tough questions surface, turn the objections into an invitation to better explain your unique capabilities.  In other words, think of your prospect’s resistance and objections as opportunities.  Read more…

The Ostrich Syndrome about Disaster Preparedness

March 24, 2015

OstrichEven in the face of unprecedented blizzards, earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters, people tend to ignore the reality of these risks and fail to prepare appropriately, according to a panel at the 2015 Property/Casualty Insurance Joint Industry Forum. Read more…

The Right Sequence to Get Your Prospects’ Attention

March 17, 2015

Beyond Insurance recently received the following email:

It seems like all my competitors claim to have the best products and carriers, however, getting across to business owners that our agency has something unique is really challenging.  Our agency truly does offer something exceptional – a risk management service plan.  With a plan like this, you’d think people would be jumping on board – but that’s not so.  I am only capturing about 30% of the opportunities I have.

Please help!



PuzzleJenna had the right message, but it was out of sequence.  Here’s how Beyond Insurance responded: Read more…

8 Reasons to Develop Good Questioning Skills

March 3, 2015

“Target Business Network Concept” by ddpavumbaSam, a new producer, was getting plenty of at-bats but struggling to secure business.  He had been taught to gather just enough data to obtain competitive bids, but had not been schooled on how to ask good, open-ended questions with the goal of establishing credibility and confidence with the prospect. Read more…


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